Monday, May 20, 2013

Welcome New Ambassador Rick Whissel

Submitted by ASR Director Howie Thompson

Here's the letter Rick Whissel received from the USAPA:

Rick Whissel
Palm Harbor FL 

Hi Rick,

We are very pleased to announce you have been approved as our USA Pickleball Association Official Ambassador for Palm Harbor FL.

We believe that by being a member of USAPA and agreeing to be an Ambassador demonstrates your willingness to promote Pickleball as America’s fastest growing sport! Introducing more people to Pickleball and getting new PB locations started throughout the land is the best way to share our great game with others!

As these locations come on, we ask you to insure the information on playing sites is properly entered into the Places to Play segment on the website, along with the name and contact information of a local person. Please encourage this person to keep this information current at all times. PTP is a valuable reference for members and non-members who may be looking for a place to get in a game. Even though many locations are private, the contact person can usually bring the visitor in as a guest.

New members are our lifeline and we ask that you constantly seek out members for our organization. Remember the best chance for our success is to have a large and growing membership. There are many benefits to being a member and the most important is that most PB players embrace our goal to grow and share our game with others of all ages.

We are attaching our Ambassador Packet consisting of several important elements of our program. You will also be receiving business cards and a copy of our promotional DVD (you can view this DVD on the Home Page of our website).

Your name has already been entered on our website as an Ambassador. To reduce the likelihood of spam we have hidden your email address.

Please become familiar with the Ambassador section of our website, especially the Effective Ideas and the Pickleball Promoters How-To Guide. You will find many helpful hints for promoting and growing our great game.

You will also receive a separate invitation to join the USAPA Pickleball Promoters How-To Group! You will be able to read about ‘Best Practices’ from other Ambassadors and resources that can be copied and edited to meet your specific needs. This group is also the place to find collaborators that may be nearby or across the country that can assist you as you promote Pickleball.

Because you reside in Florida, you will be assigned to our Atlantic South Region. Our Regional Director there is Howie "Coach" Thompson. Howie will be able to help you wherever you need assistance and we encourage you to take advantage of this. His contact information is 919-824-1110

Good luck in everything you do! We are happy to have you aboard the Pickleball Express!

Earl Hill  | Assistant Ambassadors Director
USA Pickleball Association 
P.O. Box 7354  | Surprise, Arizona 85374


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