Friday, May 10, 2013

Pickleball by the Sea

Submitted by Verna Griffin
Ambassadors: Verna Griffin and Sandy Hooker
Isle of Palms Park, Jacksonville, FL
Jarboe Park, Neptune Beach, FL
Facebook: Pickleball by the Sea
May 10, 2013

The makeup evening for all our raining days of cancellation of Pickleball was well attended. We had four courts actively playing with several people waiting to rotate in to play. The evening was just perfect for several games of high intensity playing. Two new people joined in the fun. Dillon has been watching us play from his home across the street from the park. Ben inquired about our sport through a friend already playing. Each open play day/evening we are introducing this wonderful game to more people.

Fleet Landing in Mayport now has 2 courts. A clinic was given on May 6th to teach the game to the residence. Dave, a player with Pickle by the Sea, assisted with the clinic. Way to go Dave with spreading the joy of the game. Hopefully, fleet Landing will invite us to a game or two on their new courts.

We abide farewell to Larry, Roger, and Bonnie. They were visitors from different states who found us via the USAPA website. We wish them safe travels and look forward to seeing them on the courts when they travel our way again.

Open play: Thursday, Jarboe Park, Neptune Beach 7-9pm
Saturday, Isle of Palms Park, Eunice Rd 9-11am
All equipment is provided. Please bring something to drink.

Please remember to stretch prior to playing games and to warm up with serving, stroking and dinking. See you on the courts!

Pickled to be Playing Pickleball - Verna

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