Sunday, August 20, 2017

Palmetto Indoor Pickleball Doubles International kicks off

Published August 19, 2017 -

The Palmetto Indoor Pickleball Doubles International is being held at the H. Odell Weeks Activity Center this weekend and has women's doubles, men's doubles, and mixed doubles.

Saturday's games were part of the mixed doubles tournament.

The sport of pickleball was started in 1965, and Keith Shaver, one of the tournament directors, said that while the game started with older people playing, younger demographics have picked it up and estimates are that about three to four million people are playing.

He said that pickleball is considered the fastest growing sport in the country.

There is an intramural program at USC Aiken and schools are introducing pickleball into their gym classes.

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Friday, August 18, 2017

Pickleball gaining popularity with Coweta (GA) tennis players

Published August 18, 2017 -

Former tennis players in Coweta are starting to play another sport- Pickleball.
Pickleball is a sport that combines tennis, badminton and pingpong, and is played by two to four players using paddles and a plastic ball with holes, on either an indoor or outdoor court about one-third the size of a standard tennis court, according to, a website with information on topics of everyday life, like home improvement, health and wellness, new technologies, and car-related subjects.     Pickleball is appealing people in their 50s, 60s and 70s who used to play tennis or are looking for an activity that offers good aerobic exercise. It’s not as strenuous as traditional racket sports and gives players the chance to socialize during the game.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Bonita Springs YMCA Spends $300,000 on Pickleball

Published August 16, 2017 -

A Southwest Florida YMCA recently spent more than a quarter of a million dollars to update its facilities for the nation’s fastest-growing sport many have never heard of.

The prominent popping sound pickleball makes can be heard at county recreation centers, public parks and, for many, in their own neighborhoods.

“If you look around, we don't have any near neighbors, and pickleball can tend to be a little bit noisy,” Mark Suwyn said. “And, so, you need to put it — the courts — where there’s nobody that you’re bothering when you’re actually playing.”
Suwyn heads the advisory board for the Bonita Springs YMCA. He says the community asked for more pickleball courts for quite some time. The Y simply listened.
It set aside three hundred thousand dollars to build eight outdoor courts — each about a third the size of a tennis court.
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Monday, July 17, 2017

Doug Lily Wins Double Gold in Augusta

Published July 17, 2017 -
Newman Tennis Center in Augusta (GA) held its first Pickleball Slam on July 15 and 16.  The Aiken Pickledillys gave an outstanding performance.
We learned you can’t spell “Double Gold” without “Doug”.  Our very own Doug Lilly capped an impressive weekend by winning the Intermediate Mixed Doubles gold with partner Chris Powers in a thrilling three-game finals match with fellow Pickledillys Marian Garcia and Jim Kabel.  On Saturday, Doug shook off a sore neck, put his partner Jim Hughes on his back and carried the team to a gold medal in the Intermediate Men’s Doubles.  Let it never be said Doug can’t play with pain!
Marian and Chris already knew the way to the medals podium since they also won silver in the Women’s Doubles on Saturday.  They won three out of four matches in the round-robin format.  The Aiken contingent was also well represented by John Fuller, Jeff Beckner, Sue Talada and Russell Crews.
We also want to congratulate some Augusta players who often find their way to Odell Weeks.  Denisse Martinez won two golds (Women’s Doubles, Advanced Mixed Doubles), Anne Rheins won gold in Women’s Doubles and Daniel Davis won gold in Advanced Mixed Doubles.  Kim Sharpton fought his way through the consolation bracket twice, with his son Bilal in Intermediate Men’s Doubles and his wife QP in Intermediate Mixed Doubles.

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Friday, June 30, 2017

Pickleball, a racket sport for players of all ages, spreading across South Florida

Published June 29, 2017 -

The highlight of Steve Kennedy’s professional tennis career had to be playing a first-round match in the 1987 U.S. Open, his lone Grand Slam appearance.

Thirty years later, Kennedy was once again competing in a U.S. Open. Only this time it was the second annual U.S. Open Pickleball Championships, and he was playing a fast-growing racket sport that’s sometimes referred to as table tennis on steroids.

Kennedy, 51, a Fort Lauderdale native who has taught tennis in the Jimmy Evert Tennis Center at Holiday Park for the past 27 years, reached the finals of the 50-and-over senior singles pro division.

Like thousands of tennis-playing baby boomers, Kennedy has fallen in love with pickleball, a combination of tennis, racquetball, table tennis and badminton that is spreading across America. It’s especially popular in South Florida, where courts are sprouting in city parks, gated communities, retirement villages, YMCAs and suburban neighborhoods.

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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Locals bring home pickleball medals at Georgia State Games

Published June 29, 2017 -

The game of pickleball has been around for more than 50 years and is a wooden racquet sport that is similar to tennis, badminton and table tennis.

It was started by accident when Washington State politician Joel Pritchard invented the game as a way to give his children something to do. He lowered a badminton net and, instead of using a shuttlecock to hit the ball, they used a whiffle ball.

What started out as a game for children has grown into a sport for adults.

It’s growing in popularity among some residents of Coweta County. Last weekend, several local players participated in the annual Georgia State Games at Tyrus Park in Griffin.

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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Grand opening June 27 for pickleball courts

Published June 21, 2017 -

Area residents are invited to the grand opening of Wake Forest’s (NC) new Flaherty Park pickleball courts at 11 a.m. Tuesday, June 27. The four outdoor lighted courts are near the Flaherty Park tennis courts at 1226 North White Street.

Sponsored by Orthopedic Physical Therapy Associates, the grand opening celebration will include a dedication and ribbon-cutting ceremony, followed by drinks, light refreshments and demonstrations by local players.

A capital improvement project, the construction of the four dedicated pickleball courts was approved by the town board as part of the 2016-17 budget at a total cost of $122,000.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Mayberry Pickleball Tournament Summary

Published June 20, 2017 -

The 2nd Annual Mayberry Pickleball Tournament was held this past weekend in Mount Airy, NC. The tournament attracted 90+ players from across the state of North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia & South Carolina. All proceeds from the tournament benefitted the Surry County Health Foundation which funds community-health related projects.

Tournament Co-Director, Jack Moore, stated “This was our second tournament and it was a huge success! We appreciate the support from the community and their sponsorship. The two “Meet & Greets” were a blast! It was fun hearing all the laughter, jokes and tall-tales!!”

“Feedback from our participants was positive and we are already planning how to make next year’s event even better. The quality of players was outstanding and we appreciate everyone’s enthusiastic support.” All First Place winners received a granite award. Moore further stated, “We wanted to provide them (the tournament winners) with a unique award to commemorate their stay in Mount Airy. Since our city is noted for having the world’s largest open-faced granite quarry and our nickname is “the Granite City”, so we thought a granite award was fitting.”

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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Pickleball family news

Submitted by Gary Carmichael, District Ambassador

On 5/29/2017, members from many local pickleball clubs gathered together for a "fun-raiser" event hosted by the Ortega Life Center, Jacksonville, FL. The club ambassador, Robert Keuning, and Pickleball By The Sea ambassador, Verna Griffin, managed the entire program, which was a huge success!

Don't let it be said that pickleball is not FAMILY. Last month the Pickleball by the Sea club that plays on outdoor courts in the Neptune Beach area suffered the loss of all of their clubs' nets, frames and other miscellaneous related equipment as a result of vandalism and fire to their storage unit. Many of our N. FLAG 17 District area clubs pitched in to support them. This fun-raiser event drew players from all over the N.E. Florida area and collected over $300.00 via five and ten dollar donations.

As the District Ambassador for N. FLAG 17, I'm so proud of the way our players support each other. Pickleball is a family!

Pictured L-R are ambassadors Sara Montgomery, Danny Blevins, Robert Keuning, Gary Carmichael and Verna Griffin.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Ambassador encourages all to experience pickleball

Published May 15, 2017 -

In a neighborhood east of Tallahassee, halfway between Florida’s Capital City and Monticello, Rubia Byrd has built her field of dreams. Or rather, her Pickleball “court of dreams.” It’s located in the driveway of her home.

The 75-year old Byrd, who spent 34 years in the hustle and bustle of Southern California as a librarian at Van Nuys High School, has returned to the slower and quieter life of her native North Florida. At least until she steps on the Pickleball court in her driveway or at Jack McLean Park, Premier Fitness Center or the Tallahassee Senior Center.

Then she quickens her pace and reaction time to keep up with the fast-paced game played on a 22’ by 44’ court and hears the constant, distinct sound of the Pickleball hitting her paddle. “Pickleball is my friend,” she said. “It’s now in my heart.”

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Saturday, May 6, 2017

And the Winners Are...

Congratulations to all our Atlantic South Region members who medaled at the US Open Pickleball Championships last week in Naples, FL!  (Highlighted in green below.)

Mens Doubles Age Groups
Bracket Gold Silver Bronze
Mens Doubles Age Groups 19+ Kyle Yates -
Brian Ashworth
Ben Johns -
Robert Elliott
Stephen Kennedy - Joshua Elliott
Mens Doubles Age Groups 25+ Marcin Rozpedski - Morgan Evans Oliver Strecker -
Dave Weinbach
Daniel Moore -
Scott Moore
Mens Doubles Age Groups 30+ Joey Farias -
Rafael Siebenschein
Michael Donnellan - Hendry Winarto Mills Miller -
Ryan Sherry
Mens Doubles Age Groups 35+ Matthew Schiller - Chris Zeilinga Dominic Catalano - Phil Metz Jesse Simon -
Neil Friedenberg
Mens Doubles Age Groups 40+ Matt Wright -
Jack Oxler
Rob Davidson - Patrick Williams Josh Booth -
Jordan Goetzman
Mens Doubles Age Groups 45+ Rick Witsken -
John Moorin
Roberto Donati -
Mike Stahl
Oh NO Mr. Bill Ritchie -
Johan Svensson
Mens Doubles Age Groups 50+ Scott Clayson -
Justin Rodgers
Partner - Paul Leeder Stu Hastings -
Patrick Bernardo
Mens Doubles Age Groups 55+ Del Kauss -
Glen Peterson
Steve Dawson -
Brian Staub
Dan Curry -
Ken Curry
Mens Doubles Age Groups 60+ Larry Moon -
Tyler Sheffield
Darryl Noble -
Byron Freso
Rob Rowse -
Charlie Einsiedler
Mens Doubles Age Groups 65+ Ernie Tomlinson -
Ted Meyer
Dan McLaughlin -
Jim Hackenberg
Paul Richards -
Mike Madura
Mens Doubles Age Groups 70+ Bart Brannon -
Tom Earley
Ian Medhurst -
David Warner
Roland Calingasan - John Lightbody
Mens Doubles Age Groups 75+ Fred Drilling -
Ron Hohman
Gary Carpenter -
Terry Nichols
Jim McPherson -
Bob Powers
Mens Doubles Age 80+ Rex Lawler-
Walter Knestrick
Jimmy Guthrie-
Ralph Guthrie
Quin Barrett-
Robert Lewis
Mens Doubles Pro
Bracket Gold Silver Bronze
Mens Doubles Pro Dave Weinbach -
Kyle Yates
Rafael Siebenschein - Matt Wright Joey Farias -
Ben Johns
Mens Doubles Skill 19-49
Bracket Gold Silver Bronze
Mens Doubles Skill 19-49 3.0 Jinmoo Heo -
Min Kim
Marc Freije -
Nate Jackson
Jeff Lauridsen -
Paul Coe
Mens Doubles Skill 19-49 3.5 Leonardo Gonzalez - John Conley Steven Altis -
Bob Graver
David Leach -
Hector Alvero
Mens Doubles Skill 19-49 4.0 Mike Minear -
Carter Minear
Chad Edwards -
Jim Stuckey
Danny Derry -
Brant Brantman
Mens Doubles Skill 19-49 4.5 John Sperling -
Jason Weiss
John Moorin -
Chris Zeilinga
John Moheyer -
Eric White
Mens Doubles Skill 19-49 5.0 David Seckel -
Will Willson
Tommy Boyette - Quin Meyer Noah Waddell -
Barry Waddell
Mens Doubles Skill Groups (2.5 - 5.0) 50+
Bracket Gold Silver Bronze
Mens Doubles Skill Groups 50+ 3.0 Greg Woodsum -
Jon Sharpe
Dean Refakes -
Craig Brown
Robert Hicks -
Ken Brandle
Mens Doubles Skill Groups 50+ 4.0 Matt Kelsch -
Larry Borthwick
Eric Hurst -
Neil Sweasy
Gary Thomsen -
Scott Schreier
Mens Doubles Skill Groups 50+ 4.5 Dan McLaughlin -
Pat Sinicki
Trey Honeycutt -
Sean Shull
Scott Smith -
Archie Adams
Mens Doubles Skill Groups 50+ 5.0 Stu Hastings -
Patrick Bernardo
Gary M. Miller -
Jeff Shank
Michael Stewart - Darryl Noble
Mens Doubles Skill Groups 50-64 3.5 Jay Ortlip -
Steve Keller
Steve Clay -
Mike Strahine
Butch Obrien -
Dan Hann
Mens Doubles Skill Groups 65+ 3.5 Todd Mann -
Chuck Shelvey
Bob Switzer -
Wayne Bolahood
Lou DeGreeff -
Vince DeGreeff
Mens Singles Pro
Bracket Gold Silver Bronze
Mens Singles Pro Ben Johns Kyle Yates Robert Elliott
Mens Singles Skill Groups
Bracket Gold Silver Bronze
Mens Singles Skill Groups 19-49:3.0 Wayne Dollard Leonardo Gonzalez Steven Altis
Mens Singles Skill Groups 19-49:3.5 Austin Porter Mike Glendenning Brandon Hubschman
Mens Singles Skill Groups 19-49:4.0 Danny Long Jr. William Sobek John Moheyer
Mens Singles Skill Groups 19-49:4.5 Paul Olin Chris Zeilinga Christopher Wong
Mens Singles Skill Groups 19-49:5.0 Dave Weinbach DJ Howard Noah Waddell
Mens Singles Skill Groups 50-64:3.0 Mike Kozak Mike Jump Wayne Spong
Mens Singles Skill Groups 50-64:3.5 Reid Mackin Tom Ratzki Steve Keller
Mens Singles Skill Groups 50-64:4.0 Sam Wasko, Jr. David Roy Jon Post
Mens Singles Skill Groups 50-64:4.5 Bill Muno Joe DiMauro Duane Fregoe
Mens Singles Skill Groups 50-64:5.0 Ken Curry Jeffrey Siegel Ben Park
Mens Singles Skill 65-69: Jim Hackenberg Mike Welter Peter Popovich
Mens Singles Skill Groups 70-74: Bruce Covey John Lightbody Ian Medhurst
Mens Singles Skill Groups 75-79: Gary Carpenter Fred Drilling Bill Wilson
Mens Singles Skill Groups 80-84: Rex Lawler Quin Barrett Jimmy Guthrie
Mens Singles Skill Groups 85-90: Dion Dow Jim White Ward Powers
Mixed Doubles Age Groups
Bracket Gold Silver Bronze
Mixed Doubles Age Groups 19+ Sarah Yates -
Kyle Yates
Christine McGrath - Rafael Siebenschein Rachel Elliott -
Ben Johns
Mixed Doubles Age Groups 25+ Lucy Kovalova -
Matt Wright
Simone Jardim - Oliver Strecker Irina Tereschenko - Daniel Moore
Mixed Doubles Age Groups 30+ Sarah Ansboury - Mills Miller Lee-Anna Camper - Joey Farias Shirley Johnson - Michael Donnellan
Mixed Doubles Age Groups 35+ Tonja Major -
Morgan Evans
Mandie Karli - Paul Olin Shonda Schallenberger - Rob Davidson
Mixed Doubles Age Groups 40+ Lucy Kitcher - Stephen Kennedy Lynn Syler - Oh NO Mr. Bill Ritchie Cat Grant - Jack Oxler
Mixed Doubles Age Groups 45+ Jennifer Lucore -
Dave Weinbach
Jodi Elliott -
Robert Elliott
Stephanie Lane - Marcus Luke
Mixed Doubles Age Groups 50+ Alex Hamner -
Scott Moore
Bonnie Williams - Brian Staub Gigi LeMaster -
Scott Clayson
Mixed Doubles Age Groups 55+ Roxanne Pierce -
Scott Lennan
Carol Lausman -
Dale Guess
Linda Kauss -
Del Kauss
Mixed Doubles Age Groups 60+ Mona Burnett -
Tyler Sheffield
Cookie Drake -
Larry Moon
Helle Sparre -
Ken Curry
Mixed Doubles Age Groups 65+ Yvonne Hackenberg - Jim Hackenberg Deb Harrison -
Ernie Tomlinson
Diane Baumgartner - Ted Meyer
Mixed Doubles Age Groups 70+ Susan Mathews - David Warner Rosi Pietromonaco - Keith Coates Barbara Wintroub - Stewart Helfrich
Mixed Doubles Age Groups 75+ Gail Brown -
Dick Johnson
Margot Welch -
Gary Carpenter
Connie Burmaster - Jim McPherson
Mixed Doubles Pro
Bracket Gold Silver Bronze
Mixed Doubles Pro Simone Jardim - Oliver Strecker Lucy Kovalova -
Matt Wright
Sarah Ansboury - Daniel Moore
Mixed Doubles Skill 19-49
Bracket Gold Silver Bronze
Mixed Doubles Skill 19- 49 3.0 Kristine Lewis-Hicks - Robert Hicks Jo Wright -
Jeff Lauridsen
Nannette Staropoli - Marc Freije
Mixed Doubles Skill 19- 49 3.5 Gen Yong -
Michael Rocheleau
Kim Krueger -
Lloyd McClendon
Pamela Elder -
Craig McDermott
Mixed Doubles Skill 19- 49 4.0 Nikki Smith -
Troy Miller
Jessica Stokes -
Jamin Stokes
Amy Rakowski -
Peter Wessels
Mixed Doubles Skill 19- 49 4.5 Nicole Cameron - Jordan Hanisch Lisa Dollard -
Wayne Dollard
Sarah Rosenblum - Tommy Boyette
Mixed Doubles Skill 19- 49 5.0 JoAnne Russell-
Jr. Mint Munro
Rachel Elliott-
Noah Waddell
Melissa O'Keeffe-
Justin Romero
Mixed Doubles Skill Groups (2.5 - 5.0) 50+
Bracket Gold Silver Bronze
Mixed Doubles Skill Groups 50+ 2.5 Lyndee Lindsey -
Sid Boughton
Lisa Moen -
Todd Moen
Deborah Ann Cortese - Erik Dargevics
Mixed Doubles Skill Groups 50+ 3.0 Sue Carman -
Bert Peacher
Caroline Cormier - Daniel Cormier Edie Dubord -
Bob Ritter
Mixed Doubles Skill Groups 50+ 4.5 Sylvia Whitehouse - Archie Adams Carol Lausman -
Dale Guess
Nancy Robertson - Dan McLaughlin
Mixed Doubles Skill Groups 50+ 5.0 Lydia D. Willis -
Gary M. Miller
Bobbi Little -
Mike Welter
Jennifer Lincoln -
Dan Wheeler
Mixed Doubles Skill Groups 50-59 3.5 Nancy Ferguson - Mark Menges Wendy Evans -
Bill King
Laura Frank -
Kevin Burke
Mixed Doubles Skill Groups 50-59 4.0 Nanette Muno -
Bill Muno
Linda Wynsma-Karnes - Matt Kelsch Kathleen Wilcox - Don Seavey
Mixed Doubles Skill Groups 60+ 3.5 Deb Perreault -
Denny Perreault
Sharlene Peter -
John Figlewski
Debbie Skelly - Dennis Skelly
Mixed Doubles Skill Groups 60+ 4.0 Kay Nealis -
Rick Johnson Jr.
Becky Fall -
Jim Obremski
Lynne Withers -
Ralph Smith
Senior Mens Doubles Pro
Bracket Gold Silver Bronze
Senior Mens Doubles Pro Steve Dawson -
Brian Staub
Del Kauss -
Glen Peterson
Larry Moon -
Tyler Sheffield
Senior Mens Pro Singles
Bracket Gold Silver Bronze
Senior Mens Pro Singles Scott Moore Stephen Kennedy Glen Peterson
Senior Mixed Doubles Pro
Bracket Gold Silver Bronze
Senior Mixed Doubles Pro Jennifer Dawson - Steve Dawson Mona Burnett -
Tyler Sheffield
Helle Sparre -
Joe Nguyen
Senior Womens Doubles Pro
Bracket Gold Silver Bronze
Senior Womens Doubles Pro Jennifer Dawson - Gigi LeMaster Jennifer Lucore -
Alex Hamner
Bonnie Williams - Mona Burnett
Senior Womens Pro Singles

Bracket Gold Silver Bronze
Senior Womens Pro Singles Jennifer Dawson Clare Grabher Bonnie Williams
Womens Doubles Age Groups
Bracket Gold Silver Bronze
Womens Doubles Age Groups 19+ Simone Jardim -
Lucy Kovalova
Sarah Yates -
Rachel Elliott
Sarah Gnegy -
Lee-Anna Camper
Womens Doubles Age Groups 30+ Gigi LeMaster -
Irina Tereschenko
Christine McGrath - Sarah Ansboury Nicole Cameron-
Lori Vancza
Womens Doubles Age Groups 35+ JoAnne Russell -
Gee Gee Garvin
Suzee Anderson - Susan Schneider Mandie Karli-
Lisa Hickox
Womens Doubles Age Groups 40+ Lynn Syler -
Emmy Williams
Jodi Elliott -
Nicole Hobson
Lucy Kitcher - Jennifer Murphy
Womens Doubles Age Groups 45+ Jennifer Dawson - Laura Fenton Kovanda Stephanie Lane - Donna Curry Amy Rakowski - Leslie Schuh
Womens Doubles Age Groups 50+ Jennifer Lucore -
Alex Hamner
Bonnie Williams - Mona Burnett Diane Ahern - Roxanne Pierce
Womens Doubles Age Groups 55+ Cookie Drake - Rachael Kroog Helen Stephens - Coleen Wells Loretta Savary -
Carol Lausman
Womens Doubles Age Groups 60+ Nancy Robertson - Debbie Mascarin Shirley Starr -
Cheryl Silverman
Deb Harrison -
Helle Sparre
Womens Doubles Age Groups 65+ Jackie Faegre -
Carol Lindow
Linda Dillon -
Diane Baumgartner
Lynne Withers -
Phyllis Kilgour
Womens Doubles Age Groups 70+ Alice Tym -
Barbara Wintroub
Rosi Pietromonaco - Phyllis Ward Sharlene Peter -
Carol Martin
Womens Doubles Age Groups 70+ (75+)

Gail Brown -
Margot Welch
Lorraine Smat - June Angelos ---
Womens Doubles Pro
Bracket Gold Silver Bronze
Womens Doubles Pro Simone Jardim - Corrine Carr Irina Tereschenko - Lucy Kovalova Christine McGrath - Sarah Ansboury
Womens Doubles Skill 19-49
Bracket Gold Silver Bronze
Womens Doubles Skill 19-49 3.0 Crissey Miller -
Lisa Silver
Sharon Kehlenbeck - Lisa Hicks Linda Naylor -
Debbie Horvath
Womens Doubles Skill 19-49 3.5 Gen Yong -
Iris Warren
Kris Derr - April Price Brianne O'Toole - Jessica Stokes
Womens Doubles Skill 19-49 4.0 Rho Blank -
Sarah Rosenblum
Jen Ludwig -
Teresa Shull
Nikki Smith -
Amber Majefski Higgs
Womens Doubles Skill 19-49 4.5 Nicole Cameron -
Kris Carey
Nancy Robertson - Sarah Yates Andrea Mora - Darouny Bobbie Phoumy
Womens Doubles Skill 19-49 5.0 JoAnne Russell -
Gee Gee Garvin
Suzee Anderson - Susan Schneider Joy Leising -
Christine Barksdale
Womens Doubles Skill Groups (2.5 - 5.0) 50+
Bracket Gold Silver Bronze
Womens Doubles Skill Groups 50+ 2.5 Sandy White -
Claire Kruse
Bonnie Stade - Deborah Ann Cortese Mary Conte -
Marsha McLaurin
Womens Doubles Skill Groups 50+ 3.0 Holly Bacon - Suzanne Graziano Jan Garcia -
Debbie Smith
Andy Jones -
Brenda Whitesell
Womens Doubles Skill Groups 50+ 3.5 Anne Gould -
Linda Brodeur
Julie Bosch -
Kathy Pierce
Wendy Evans -
Nancy Lenkowski
Womens Doubles Skill Groups 50+ 4.0 Helen Stephens - Coleen Wells Erika Battaglia -
Jan Russell
Liz Easdale -
Debra Sledd
Womens Doubles Skill Groups 50+ 4.5 Jenny Butler -
Jana Spano
Sylvia Whitehouse - Erica Gonzalez Linda Thompson - Laura Lindquist
Womens Doubles Skill Groups 50+ 5.0 Jackie Faegre -
Carol Lindow
Carolyn A. Ebbinghaus - Cathy Parkhurst Denise Boutin - Shirley Johnson
Womens Singles Pro
Bracket Gold Silver Bronze
Womens Singles Pro Simone Jardim Irina Tereschenko Lucy Kovalova
Womens Singles Skill Groups
Bracket Gold Silver Bronze
Womens Singles Skill Groups 19-49:3.5 Ewelina Wessels Pamela Cabrejos Claire Miller
Womens Singles Skill Groups 19-49:4.5 Jessica Stout Lucy Kitcher Darouny Bobbie Phoumy
Womens Singles Skill Groups 50-64:3.0 Debbie Smith Valerie Fucci Jo Wright
Womens Singles Skill Groups 50-64:3.5 Jeanne Stasny Bonita Baker-Robins Stephanie Huvaere
Womens Singles Skill Groups 50-64:4.0 Nancy Meyer Debbie Pazderka Dolly VerStrate
Womens Singles Skill Groups 50-64:4.5 Debbie Mascarin Joan Azeka Susan Henderson
Womens Singles Skill Groups 65-69: Jackie Faegre Diane Baumgartner Deb Harrison
Womens Singles Skill Groups 70-74: Barbara Wintroub Kathy Smith Marsha McLaurin
Womens Singles Skill Groups 75-89: Sharlene Peter Anne Harrington Lorraine Smat
Junior Boys Doubles Joshua Elliott -
Noah Waddell
Eric Oncins -
Jr .Mint Munro
Joshua Readinger