Sunday, September 30, 2012

Meet Joe Borrelli, 
Raleigh, NC

Representing the city of Raleigh, NC is Joe Borrelli.  Joe has been participating in racquet sports his entire life, racquetball being his sport of choice with over 30 years of tournament competition.

Joe relocated to Raleigh from upstate NY in 1996. At that time he introduced Paddle Tennis to his Brier Creek community. In 2012 he was introduced to Pickleball at the Cary, NC Bond Park Community Center.   It was during those pickleball gatherings that Joe realized he'd found a game he could play for a long time.

He has successfully introduced Pickleball at Brier Creek Community Center in Raleigh, having an active participation of about 40 senior adults in his first 6 weeks. At this time he is working with the City of Raleigh to offer Pickleball as an adult activity at various city community centers.

Joe's education degree is in Physical Education and Health. After a 33 year career with IBM, he is excited to get back into the recreational field with teaching and participating in Pickleball.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Meet Dick Stone
Ambassador - Salem, SC

I am originally from central New York State and spent my entire career in various positions in the technical computer market.

I spent 25 years in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with my wife, raising our two girls, before retiring in the "Golden Corner" of South Carolina in the active adult Golf and Country Club community of Keowee Key on the shores of Lake Keowee. The accepted term for “northerners” leaving Florida to retire in the Carolinas is "half backs"!

I played competitive table tennis extensively in college (Syracuse University) and a bit of tennis and racquetball along the way, all of which I found easily translated to pickleball. I learned of pickleball from my neighbor 2 1/2 years ago, who "winters" in "The Villages" and we found a very helpful group that played in nearby Greenville. ("The Upstate Pickleballers")

 Once I played, I was "hooked" and we established a temporary court in our community (chalk/tape) on a concrete patio next to our indoor pool. We held a series of resident orientations and training and started a group. We grew rapidly, to the point where we were successful getting our POA Board approval for professionally lining two of our tennis hard courts.

Over time, the numbers interested in the sport exceeded 100 and were outgrowing that facility, thus were able to promote and obtain (major capital community project) four dedicated/lighted courts that are due for completion by the time this is in print. Our POA Board views it as a new exciting amenity which increases our competitiveness.

 We have promoted 3 other local communities to start the sport and we have had several reciprocating visits for competition and camaraderie, including our original "mentors", The Upstate Pickleballers.
Submitted by: 
Dick Stone, Salem, SC

Here is a new video chronicling a great day of competition and camaraderie between the two communities of Keowee Key and The Reserve.


Since both communities are on the shore of beautiful Lake Keowee, SC and it was such a nice crisp day, we decided to go by boat! Everyone had a great time and new friendships were established. 

 When our new courts are complete, in a few weeks, we will reciprocate, thus this is likely the start on some ongoing gatherings around the lake. 

Jean Borden of the host community, The Reserve:  On September 24th we invited a neighboring community, Keowee Key, to The Reserve.  We had a fun 3 hour competition with about 20 players and had such a good time.    Pickleball has found a home at The Reserve at Keowee Key – and this location was recently added to our places to play page.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Another Amazing Pickleball Story!

Ambassador Earl Cunningham included me in an e-mail he sent to his pickleball players in Gastonia, NC,  showing them "Loretta's pickleball court on an unused tennis court" in Lenoir, NC.   Curious - I sent an e-mail to Loretta Savary and asked her for the story behind the picture............    The story is so similar to what we hear from so many players across the country.............but each one is unique in it's own way..........Enjoy!

"It was nice to 'see' you (and Hubby) and read about you (I found the link). Here is how the pickleball court came about - although it sounds so SIMILAR to your story

 We both retired in 1999 and started RV'ing. After seeing the country for years at a time - we started visiting resorts where I took up my High School sport of tennis.

 In 2011 we wintered at Palm Creek RV Resort in Casa Grande AZ with 24 pickleball courts and over 600 players. I had to try the sport and met so many ambassadors that helped me out. ( Tomiga taught em a lot of skill, Mark Friedenberg came and did "clinics." More help from A.J. and Irene Fraties from Oregon and of course my partner Verna Moore and husband Lee)  We ended up winning Gold (partner -Verna Moore) in our first tournament - so then I was hooked. (I'm the one in pink) 

The next winter my husband (Ron)  & I decided to travel to Arcadia FL (we used to live/work in Cocoa Florida). They had a tennis court taped off - and  some players. My husband finally decided to play - YEA and he's very good as well!!  So we probably taught about 50 people the game and enjoyed it all last year.

 Once we got to our home in Lenoir, NC - there was only pickleball in Gastonia - an hour and 1/2 away.  So we went every Wednesday (met Earl) and took several of my tennis buddies with me - and everyone got hooked. Now we needed a court. 

We went to the Mulberry Recreation Center in Lenoir and talked to Maury Patterson who gave us an unused tennis court. Ron & I used over 30 gallons of bleach and pressure cleaned for over a week. We purchased the net, paddles, balls and have just started playing on the court - Wednesday's. 

Now I will starting teaching the game and setting up established times once I find out what works well with most of the players."

Lenoir Parks & Recreation
720 Mulberry Street S.W.
Lenoir, NC 28645 

Atlantic South well represented at Battle of Franklin

The first "Battle of Franklin" tournament was held September 14-16, 2013 at the Williamson Recreation Center in Franklin, TN.   Cindy Eddleman and Nancy Meyer, our ambassadors from Ft. Myers, FL took on the task of being the tournament directors.

Cindy tells us:  There were 73 participants; Tennessee with 45, Louisiana - 3, Kentucky - 2, Pennsylvania - 1, Michigan -1, and 20 from the Atlantic South Region, including 6 from Alabama, 7 from Florida, 6 from Georgia and 1 from North Carolina.   It was a wonderful opportunity for players from different regions to meet and have fun.

We had a great group of players travel to the Mid-South Region and they proved to be some pretty tough competition.  Thanks Cindy for sending along some pictures from the tournament.    Our Atlantic South Winners are posted below the photo.

Mixed Doubles 
Gold:  Cindy Moore ( Ambassador, GA) and Paul Coletta (NC)
Silver: Marsha and Byron Freso ( Ambassadors, Florida)
Bronze: Bob Huskey (Ambassador, AL) with Susan Carson from TN

65-69: Bronze: Pat and Steve Dunn (GA)

Men's Doubles 
25-49: Gold: Sam Bailey (AL) and John Wilson - (AL)
50-59: Silver: Byron Freso (FL) and Larry Scott (FL)
60-64: Gold: Paul Coletta (NC) and Steve Dunn (GA), and Silver: Bob Huskey (AL) with David Cass of TN

Woman's Doubles
 24-59: Silver: Nancy Meyer (FL) and Marsh Freso (FL) and Bronze: Renate Hess (GA) with Karen Cobb of TN
60-64: Gold: Cindy Moore (GA) and Pat Dunn (GA)

Woman's Singles
40-54: Silver: Jeanne Stasny  (FL)
50-59: Gold: Marsha Freso (FL)

Men's Singles
24-49: Gold: Kanishka Mapa (AL)
50-59: Gold: Paul Coletta (NC)
60-69: Gold: Bob Huskey (AL)

CLICK HERE for complete results.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Tournament Players make one more stop to play - before heading home

The Battle of Franklin Tournament took place in Franklin, TN from Sept 14th to the 16th, and while the players had a great time - they still needed MORE pickleball before going home.  And where is a great place to play pickleball that's almost on the way home?  Why that's easy!  With Tom and Ann Earley and the rest of the North Georgia Pickleball Club.

On Sunday evening, a few of the Louisiana crew showed up, played a little pickleball and stayed the night....that was Marty (top right photo, blue shirt) and Prissy Martin, ambassadors from Morgan City, LA  and Sharon Richard, ambassador from Rayne, LA.

They stuck around to play on Monday morning and joined a few more players Florida players who just happened to stop and play - that would be Gail Brown and Diane Reynolds (bottom left -red shirt) from Sebring, Fl.  

Ann Early says, play began at 9 am under cloudy skies and at 10:30 am the rain halted play for about 20 minutes. Most of the group was gone by 12:30.....  About this time  a few more Florida bound players arrived - that would ambassadors from Waumauma, FL, Byron and Marsh Freso... (bottom right in photo)  Most of the players had already left, but luckily Steve and Pat Dunn and Ken Riordon stayed  for more.......

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Florida Snowbird takes the game to Massena

Many of you Florida pickleball players, especially from SW Florida will recognize the fellow in this picture.  Lyle Dumers, our Florida Snowbird - is ready to introduce pickleball in Massena, NY...........Read the recent  article from the Watertown Daily News in New York.

Pickleball may come to,
Sept 13, 2102 - Watertown, NY

Mr. Dumers, 80, was unfamiliar with pickleball when a Florida friend introduced it to him several years ago.  Soon after, he placed first in a Lee County, Fla senior pickleball tournament.

"It doesn't take very long to learn the game, "Mr. Dumers said.  "You get very good very quick if you have any ability at all."     READ MORE

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


32nd Annual Tampa Bay Senior Games

 Thur Sept 27th and Fri Sept 28th 

 The Pickleball competitions for the Senior Games will be held  at the Sun City Center, FL  Pickleball courts.

 Men's Doubles at 9:00 AM on the 27th
 Women's Doubles at 1:00 PM on the 27th
 Mixed Doubles at 9:00 AM on the 28th

 CLICK HERE  for additional information and registration.



The Triad's Inaugural Pickleball Tournament
High Point, NC

October 4-6, 2012

Player's Social - Thursday evening Oct. 4th

Pickleball will be played at the Roy B Culler Jr. Senior Center in High Point NC

Pickleball - Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles
Check - In 8:00 am

CLICK HERE for information and Registration



Forever Fit 50 and Beyond - Jacksonville Senior 
Friday, October 5

 Pickleball – Singles and Doubles
Start time 9 a.m. 
Cecil Gym and Fitness Center • 13531 Lake Newman Street


Competitors must provide their own paddles. Pickleballs will be provided.

CLICK HERE for additional information and registration


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Pickleball Clinic at SummerGlen

Len Outzs  (bottom center in first photo) is the person you want to contact if you want to play pickleball. He the one who sends all those pickleball e-mails about pickleball schedules and pickleball events.   It was Len who contacted ambassadors Rich and Donna Donald to make arrangements for a pickleball clinic for the SummerGlen players.

SummerGlen is a gated, active adult community of about 1000 individual family homes, located in Ocala, Fl.  According to Florida Leisure Communities it's  where country charm meets city convenience.

On September 9th, about 35 players, from beginner to experienced attended a pickleball skills/techniques clinic.  Rich Donald talked about and demonstrated ways to help players  improve their play, including safety, the proper grip, court awareness, the serve, ground strokes, volleys, lobs, the soft game the third shot and more.......... Four experienced players from the group assisted Rich with demonstrations, and lots of great questions came from the group. 

There is always so much covered in a clinic - it's sometimes hard to remember all those great pointers.  So several of the players  took advantage of taking home one of  Coach Mo's 21 Skills Video that Rich and Donna had brought with them.

The weather was threatening - but Len assured everyone that we would not get rain.... he was right;  Many of the players stayed to play and practice what they learned......Below the SummerGlen player along with instructor, Rich Donald (far left) pose for the group picture!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Registration Deadline - - September 21st !!

The Beaufort Jasper Active Adult Challenge for pickleball is October 29, 30 and 31.

We are a USAPA sanctioned event. It is for 50 and over competitors. We have beginning, intermediate and advanced levels of play. Last year we had 156 participants in the men's, women's and mixed doubles events. We do not offer singles.

The men's doubles will be held on Monday, the ladies doubles on Tuesday and the mixed on Wednesday. The competition will be held on the new and beautiful courts in Sun City Hilton Head. We have 8 lighted courts for this event. A division of the ladies doubles will be held at The Haven, a neighboring communnity.


CLICK HERE for additional information and Registration

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Learn to Play in Carteret County, NC



Pickleball, a combination of tennis, badminton, and ping pong, is one of the fastest growing sports in the country and it’s here in Carteret County! 


No pre-registration required. Just come out for open play.

August - November 2012 Schedule 9am to 11am 
1st Tuesday of each month: Morehead City Community Center 
2nd Tuesday of each month: Civic Center 
3rd Tuesday of each month: Swinson Park Tennis Courts 
4th Tuesday of each month: Beaufort Tennis Courts 

December 2012 Schedule 9am to 11am 
1st Tuesday: Civic Center 
2nd Tuesday: Morehead City Community Center 
3rd Tuesday: Swinson Park Tennis Courts
 4th Tuesday: Beaufort Tennis Courts
Visit for more information on rules and equipment. Questions: Contact AnMarie Ivester, Athletic Programs Supervisor Carteret County Parks and Recreation 252-808-3301

Pickleball open play made possible through a joint-use agreement with Crystal Coast Civic Center and Carteret County Parks and Recreation and by funding through the Carteret County Health Department’s Community Transformation Grant.