Monday, December 30, 2013

Atlantic South Regional Tournament
Tier 3 Sanctioned
Naples, Florida
January 31Feb. 1,2, 2014
Singles, Doubles, and Mixed Doubles
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Registration also available On-Line at www.
Deadline for Registration Postmarked January 16, 2014
On-Line Closes January 24, 2014
"9 New Pickleball Courts to Open under lights"/ Total of 25 Courts
Social Dinner Thursday, January 30, 2014 at 7:00p.m.
Clinics being offered Thursday and Sunday for all levels of players
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Categories for all Skill Levels with Age Breakdown
More Info to Follow

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Friday, December 13, 2013

Fun Pickleball at Valencia Isles, Boynton Beach, Florida

Submitted by Josh Kalin, Ambassador, Delray Beach, FL
Article written by Fred Markowitz, Valencia Isles Pickleball Club

Linda Zweigman
If you want to feel younger, full of life, mentally alert, healthy, and invigorated come join the Valencia Isles Pickleball Club; the fastest growing club in Valencia Isles. We now have roughly 50 active involved members and we are growing steadily. Nearly 100 people have shown an interest in our club’s activities. The Valencia Isles Pickleball Club offers its members a comprehensive Pickleball program of demos, clinics, tournaments, social events, instruction and video presentations.

We are currently playing on one court which is made up of an interlocking tile system that snaps securely into place piece-by-piece. We are in the process of having two additional courts built at Valencia Isles. These asphalt courts will be dedicated and coated with a plexipave paint. We are all eagerly looking forward to the completion of this project.

Jerry Goldberg & Bernie Eggener
At our last Club meeting we added four trustees to our Board since we are growing at such a rapid rate: These new Board members are an asset to our Club, and I am certain they will do everything possible to make our Club one of the best in Valencia Isles.

We recently had our seventh successful Pickleball clinic for beginners and intermediates. We will be holding a clinic for visiting youngsters in the middle of December.

As one becomes more adept at playing Pickleball, one might consider upgrading one’s racket from wood to composite, aluminum, or graphite. We have a full line of demo rackets in our equipment department.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Pickleball Coming to Margate

December 11, 2013 -

A culmination of ping pong, tennis and badminton, Pickleball is played on a court with a hard paddle and wiffle-like ball. Last week’s demonstration in Margate went well, said Parks and Recreation Director, Mike Jones, and the amenity will be available soon to Margate residents.

Margate resident and fleet manager for the City, Bob De Robertis, has been playing in Davie and suggested the City of Margate take a look at offering the sport here. Pickleball is ideal for the over 50 set, he said, and is an exceptional workout for the athletically-inclined so long as players are matched by ability. And because Margate could offer the sport to residents for less than $1,000 investment, De Robertis said it's practical amidst a growing demand for the game.
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Atlantic South Regional Pickleball Tournament - USAPA Sanctioned Tier 3

January 31, February 1, 2, 2014
January 30, Social Dinner

East Naples Community Park
3500 Thomasson Dr.
   Naples, Florida

Tournament Information

We are very happy to announce that the East Naples Community Park is in the process of building 9 designated Pickleball Courts in addition to the 16 we used for our first ever Atlantic South Regional Tournament. We will now have a total of 25 Lighted Courts to play on!

 You must be a USAPA member to participate in a Regional Pickleball tournament, effective with the USAPA in 2014.

 The Atlantic South Regional Tournament is a Sanctioned, Tier 3 Tournament.

 This is an Skill Level /Age Combination Tournament with Skill categories:
2.5 ( 50+, 65+) 3.0 (19+, 50+, 65+) 3.5 (19+, 50+, 65+) 4.0 (19+, 50+, 65+)
4.5 (19+, 50+, 65+) 5.0 (19+)

 Your age category goes by what your age is by December 31, 2014


 The tournament will be a double elimination, top bracket matches will be 2 out of 3 games to 11pts. win by 2. The back draw will be one game to 15 pts., win by 2. All championship matches will be 2 out of 3 games to 11pts. win by 2, and if the player(s) from the back draw win then a second game will be played to 15pts, win by 2 for first place.

 Awards will be given for 1, 2, 3 place finishes, along with points being awarded

 Age groups may be combined to assure adequate playing time and is at the discretion of the Tournament Directors. If needed, Directors reserve the right to adjust any participant who is in the incorrect skill level

 If age groups are combined that is considered one group and awards are given for that age

The kick-off will begin Thursday Evening, January 30st, 2014 with a Social Dinner at 7:00pm. Our New Regional Director, Karen Parrish, will say a few words. Meet our other ambassadors from around the region and also those from outside the region, along with an update about what is going on around the Atlantic South Region. We will have a buffet style dinner, and plenty of door prizes and raffle prizes.

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Mixed Doubles

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Solivita, Poinciana, Florida

For Men and Women 50 Years and Over

Event Manager – Mike Holtzclaw

Call or  email NOW to request an entry booklet that
will be mailed the first week of January 2014

Registration deadline is February 5