Saturday, May 25, 2013

Pickleball Demo/Clinic - Delray Beach Community Center, Florida

Submitted by Josh Kalin, Ambassador, Delray Beach

Delray Beach, Florida News

Pickleball is continuing to grow. Our first Delray Beach Demo/Clinic was held in Delray Beach Community Center and was well attended with over 100 people. We've included a fantastic video done by our Dick Freshley, Ambassador. Here is the link to our You Tube video:

Thank you to our volunteer players who helped make the presentation very successful. They are: Art Pumpian, Dick Freshley, Eileen Tuckman, Emily Stepner, Lee Kritzer, Mark Mermelstein, Mary Ellen Harris, Merrill Beveridge, Richie Liss and Verna Freshley.

Josh Kalin, Ambassador, introduced the game while our group played and helped show everyone how to hit the ball. Thanks to Leslie Liss and Marsha Mermelstein who helped register everyone. Harriet Kalin organized the demo/clinic.

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