Saturday, June 30, 2012

2012 USAPA National Pickleball Tournament

PRWeb, June 30, 2012

Annual National Pickleball Tournament announced for Buckeye, AZ November 4-12, 2012. The world's best pickleball players will compete in the fourth annual national tournament. 

The Usa Pickleball Association (USAPA) is pleased to present the 2012 USAPA National Pickleball Tournament in Buckeye Arizona with play November 4-12,.  With its unique name, pickleball is rapidly growing into an international sport for players of all ages. 

Over 400 pickleball players will be participating in this year's National Pickleball Tournament from 31 states and provinces.  Events include singles, doubles, and mixed doubles in open, senior, adult, young adult and junior divisions.  

Registration is now open with a deadline of October 7, 2012.  All players must be a member of the USAPA.  Register at

Monday, June 25, 2012

Submitted by Jodi Pree
Ambassador, Marco Island, FL
Del Webb - Village of Deaton Creek, Hoschton, GA

I've been super busy with my Deaton Creek friends playing lots of pickleball.  I recently attended their ladies championship.  I've attached pics I took of all the Deaton Creek Champions....mixed, mens and womens.

For the men's championship 12 Deaton Creek men competed, for the women's championship 16women competed and for the mixed doubles championship 16 players competed.  They take a lot of pride in pickleball and are very proud of their champions.

Renate Hess and Paula Daddone
Women's Champions

Al Stovall and Renate Hess
Mixed Doubles Champions

Renate Hess, Paula Daddone, GeorgeTzompanakis and Alan Geller
Women's and Men's Doubles Champions. 

Tomorrow, I will be attending the Deaton Creek Expo to support the pickleball group.  I even made a movie for them from pics I took (of the Deaton Creek Players) that will be playing during the expo.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Tournament for All Players, All Ability Levels

At The Villages in Florida, players have had the benefit of learning how to play from some of the best players in the country.  They have tournamenst for the skilled players, they have clinics to help improve your game,  they have beginner training schedules and ladder leagues, they have video night with Coach Mo, and  they have the Pickleball Community Volunteer Group who  have taken on the responsibility of enhancing the enjoyment of the game for all levels of play.

On June 18-22, the Recreation Department hosted their first ability level 3.0-3.5 tournament at the Lake Miona Recreation Center courts.  Participant registration exceeded expectations for the very first event.  The single elimination tournament included doubles and mixed doubles competitions for Villages residents 50 years of age and older. 

 Congratulations to the winners:  
Men's 3.5 Doubles Champions Dave Marchiselli & Gil Lee,  Women's Doubles Champions, Cheryl Witte and Chris Leedy, Woman's 3.0 Doubles Champions Barbara Bailey & Madeline Ferraro and Mixed 3.5 Doubles Champions Velda Voelker & Bob Pentz.

July will feature a round robin tournament for Beginner Level players.  And for any player who  wants to see if their rating has changed, or who is not sure how to rate themselves, periodic rating clinics are provided. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

South Carolina's New Ambassador


Don  is originally from New Jersey, where he grew up on a farm in the little town of Hawthorne. He went to college in Miami, FL and then joined the Air Force where he became the Cadet Group Commander.  He lived in various places for the next twenty years and developed a love for racquetball, playing the game relentlessly until he retired.  Once retired from the Air Force he went into Commercial aviation for the next 15 years, still playing racquetball on the side. In 2008, after his wife retired they moved to Del W ebb Canebay in Summerville, SC.

 When Del Webb built two pickleball courts, Don was one of the first on them, and that's where he developed his love of the game.   He's been playing pickleball close to four years now and still loves the game.   He was also instrumental in sparking pickleball in nearby Mt. Pleasant and most recently in Hanahan  at the Hanahan Senior Center.   He provides newcomer instruction twice a month for his Club and is the Club's vice president.    He was one of 20 players from his club who came home with 14 pickleball medals at the South Carolina Senior Games in Florence.

Pickleball Club membership continues to grow and they are now over 65 strong.    Pickleball at Del Webb is a loved sport!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Senior Games competition and a demo for new players.

Submitted  by Laura Patterson
Ambassador - Winston/Salem, NC

PB at High Point Senior Games

High Point Senior Games took place on May 3rd. We had a total of 28 people sign up for pickleball but lost 4 of them to injuries prior to the start of the games. We had 5 women’s teams and 7 men’s teams. We played a round robin tournament (one game to 15, win by 1). I had one other player to help me referee since he was injured and couldn’t play. We had a couple of people who had only been playing for about a month but they have been on the courts every week since the games and they vow to master this game.

 PB Demonstration at Gateway YWCA

On June 6, 2012, I performed a pickleball demonstration at Gateway YWCA as requested by one of the program reps. They had some seniors that normally participated in a Yoga class but the instructor talked them into trying a new sport! We had a total of about 12 seniors to participate in the demo. I spent a few minutes talking about the history of pickleball and then had 4 people grab a racquet and get on the court. The rest of them watched and listened very intently to all the rules. I showed each set of players the dink shot and the serve and then we played a few matches to 5 points. They really enjoyed the game and asked if they could play again that Friday!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Del Webb Cane Bay - brings home the Medals

Del Webb Cane Bay Pickleball Club--brings home the Medals (Charleston)
Submitted by Donald Blasberg
Ambassador, Charleston, SC

Pat Davis-Don Blasberg
 Silver Medal Winners

Sending some 20 plus people to the SC Senior Games the Cane Bay Picklers brought home some well deserved medals.

Fun times were had by all; some even had unforgetable moments. Friendships were made, even though they were the opponents. It was an event that certainly will be attended in strength next year, people won't want to miss the fun time.

Pat Davis-Nancy Hunt (Left)
Gold Medal Winners

 One of the most enjoyable matches to watch were our two women (Nancy Hunt & Pat Davis) playing the women of Del Webb at Fort Mill.

You would think you were watching old friends playing each other. Almost after each point they would come to the net and exchange a few words of either praise, disgust, or shear joy. They enjoyed their game so .  

More pictures of our proud winners are below:

  Judd & Nancy Hunt and  Tony Reale & June Meek
Silver Medal Winners  

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

An invitation to Ogden Pioneer Days Pickleball Roundup

Hello from Ogdon, Utah, nestled at the foot of the majestic Wasatch Mountains.

In July, the Ogden Pickleball Club is hosting it's first major tournament.  More than a tournament, it is a Vacation Package.  July has warm, pleasant days 90 degrees, nights 50-60 degrees. low humidity with only 5% chance of rain.  We are just inutes away from beautiful mountain lakes and rivers.  There are lovely hiking trails, including an easy trek to a beautiful waterfall.

From one ambassador to another, I would appreciate it if you would forward this information to your players.

This is a great opportunity for everyone to play... from 2.0 to 5.0.
You need not have a partner in order to play. Just sign up and we'll see that you get a partner. Come and have fun with us July 19-21.

Please visit our website at
Go to July 19-21, 2012 Ogden Pioneer Days Pickleball Roundup.   Click On and review attached flyer to see what we are offering.

 • 2012 Pioneer Day Event Information
 Please register online at as we are no longer doing paper registrations. You can even sign the waiver online so you don't have to print it out. Just mail in your check and you're all set. We're so looking forward to having you folks here at our beautiful mountains playing in the Pioneer Day Tournament.

You can also purchase extra concert and rodeo tickets. Rodeo $12, Concert $10 for spouse or guests if they are not playing. Send email to to arrange.

 • Our Motel sponsor with special room rates is, Best Western High Country Inn 1335 W. 12th Street Ogden, Utah 84404.   • For Motel Registration call 1 800 594 8979.   Ask For Special Room Rate for Ogden Pickleball Tournament, $73 plus tax.  Located next  to Jeremiahs, one of the best Home Cooking restaurants in Ogden.

Please call or email if you have any further questions. Judi Morris, Vice President, 801.825.1172,

Entry deadline - June 30th.

Here's hoping to see you in July... John Gullo, USAPA Ambassador

Meet Jodi Pree - Florida's ambassador for Marco Island

Jodi Pree has been an athlete her entire life. Her sports of choice have been volleyball, tennis and cycling. Her love and addiction for pickleball began in early December of 2011. She was instantly hooked during that first afternoon of play. The 20+ years of competitive volleyball have done permanent damage to her rotator cuff. Pickleball has given her a competitive outlet without further stress, pain and damage to her shoulder. She recommends people of all ages and skill levels to pick up a paddle and try out pickleball. She enjoys teaching beginners technique along with helping advanced players become tournament ready.

Jodi Pree is the owner of Fit By Christmas LLC which promotes healthy lifestyle, gives nutritional tips and encourages fitness.  Her belief is that you are never too old or too busy to strive for optimum health.  She is also a LifeVantage Distributor and promotes the use of Protandim.  She is an active homeschool mom of 2 boys who has spent much of her professional career as a writer/editor.  Jodi uses her love of writing and photography and her son’s website skills to promote the Marco Island Racquet Center and the game of pickleball. She splits her time between Marco Island and their home in the ATL suburbs.