Thursday, May 16, 2013

Pickleball Featured in Mystery Story

Submitted by Mitchell Ball, Ambassador, South Florida

“I don’t think his death was an accident” said Mitch Logan, the organizer of the first pickleball tournament in Miami Beach, "I think it was murder."  Murder Outside the Inn is the third in the Stories From the Inn series by Barbara Fox. A group of people check into the inn for a weekend of Pickleball but when one of the guests has a fatal accident, Mitch and Sandy, the owner of the inn, are sure it was murder and they set out to prove it. Who are the suspects? What was the motive and what will happen to the tournament? Mitch Logan, the hero of Murder Outside The Inn, is based on the real life Mitchell Ball, Picleball ambassador for South Florida; Barbara Fox is am author and Pickleball fan. She decided to combine mystery and Pickleball into a short story ,consulted with Mitch about the rules of play and asked him to be one of the characters. He agreed “as long as you don’t murder me”. Who did it?

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