Monday, February 24, 2014

Pickleball craze hits Pompano Beach; city needs help monitoring parks

February 24, 2014 -

By Michael d’Oliveira

Pelican staff

Pompano Beach – This city is the newest convert to the pickleball craze sweeping South Florida.

Next week, city workers will begin dismantling the fences surrounding the roller hockey rink in Pompano Community Park. In its place will be new basketball and pickleball courts. “We’re looking to fit anywhere from two to three pickleball courts, maybe more,” said Jonathan Nasser, Pompano Beach recreation supervisor. The former rink will also include four permanent basketball nets on two courts, specifically built lower for young children. “It’s very simple to set-up and break down [and switch between basketball and pickleball],” said Nasser. “It could be open within a month if everything falls into place.”

Pickleball, supposedly invented in Washington in 1965 by a group of children who named the sport after their dog “Pickle,” is played on a badminton-size court, with a tennis net, a racquet and a wiffle ball.


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