Saturday, February 1, 2014

Online Registration Open Now for Cypress Cove Tournament

Submitted by Mike Sullivan

Kissimmee, FL (February 5, 2014) -- Registration for all players is now open for the First Annual Cypress Cove International Nudist Pickleball Open, being held March 1-2, 2014 here in Kissimmee at Cypress Cove Nudist Resort and Spa.

Made possible by the recent re-purposing of one tennis court into four dedicated, regulation Pickleball courts, this new tournament will be the sixth annual spring event for Pickleball players held at the Cove since the game took hold in 2008. With the growth in participation at prior tournaments, the event is expanding from one day to two, with a full day of preliminary qualification play on Saturday, March 1, followed by the double-elimination finals on Sunday, March 2.

Pickleball players coming in for the tournament can make a great weekend of it at Cypress Cove. Besides the two days of exciting play, other events centered around the tournament include a cocktail reception, dinner and dance at Lakeside Restaurant on Saturday night, and post-tournament pool parties both Saturday and Sunday afternoons after the action ends on the courts.

Cypress Cove owner Ted Hadley said, “It’s been amazing to watch the growth of Pickleball here at Cypress Cove, from nothing in 2008 to many, many enthusiastic players year-round now. With our new courts and the expansion of this new 2-day spring tournament, we plan to make Cypress Cove the world’s premier destination for nudist Pickleball players!”

“Many Cypress Cove visitors discover Pickleball for the first time when they see us playing every day of the week,” said Mike Sullivan, a Cypress Cove resident and an avid player, and the director of the new tournament. "We encourage them to give it a try, since it’s so quick to learn and easy to play, and they soon become ‘hooked’ on the game. Virtually everyone who tries it loves it, which is why the sport is growing so fast here and everywhere it is introduced.”

“The new 2-day tournament at Cypress Cove this spring will be the biggest-ever Pickleball event at any nudist resort anywhere in the world,” Sullivan said. “We expect dozens of players from around the region and from as far away as Europe to compete and enjoy a delightful weekend of great Pickleball competition at the resort."

Pickleball is played every day of the week at Cypress Cove. Annual tournaments have been held every year since 2008, most recently attracting four dozen competitors in March, 2013. The newly-expanded courts, with capacity to accommodate 30 games per hour, make it possible to host a much larger number of tournament players and still have plenty of time later in the afternoon for relaxing by the pool, sunning and enjoying all the other outstanding amenities Cypress Cove has to offer.

Tournament registration is open now to players from intermediate skill levels and up. For complete details, see the tournament website at

For more information on Pickleball at Cypress Cove, write to or click the Pickleball link on the Cypress Cove home page at

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