Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Submitted by Louann Dubendorf
Kings Point Pickleball League
Sun City Center, Fl. 

Kings Point Pickleball gave a first-rate showing at the Tampa Bay Senior Games. Thirty of the two hundred registered pickleball players call Kings Point home.  Twenty two hard earned medals were accumulated by the Kings Point Pickleball contestants.

The Kings Point Pickleball community of players, friends, and spectators, along with previously as well as newly acquired tournament friends of other communities, cheered each team on and joined in on the camaraderie of the two days of play.   Hillsborough county organizers, as always, did an outstanding job providing donuts, ice chilled water, lunch and a very efficiently run schedule that included 200 players in the women’s, men’s and/or mixed doubles divisions that were arranged to play on the 5 Sun City Center’s pickleball courts.

A special thanks from Kings Point to Hillsborough County Parks and Recreation staff and to all players, friends and spectators for making this year’s Tampa Bay Pickleball Senior Games one of the most fun filled, competitive and enjoyable times.

Kings Point Pickleball community  players par taking  in the Senior Tampa Games included: Mary Arpia, Carol Cuthbertson, Shirley Bucci, Nancy Gonzales, Pat Kuzmik, Karen Crippen, Jane Meyhew, Nadine Powers, Connie Kehl, Kathy Johnson, Sharlene Peter,  Louann Dubendorf,  Bob Jones, John Robek, Dan Laloggi, Tom Cuthbertson, Lewis Lange, Pedro Arevalo, Artie Chivers, Colin Meertens, Walter Keuhn, John Madaloni, Robert Markman,
Tom Nolan, Paul Bures, Vinny Quintalino, Jack Marinchek, Paul  Watrol and John  Madaloni.

Kings Point Pickleball contestant medal winners are:

Nadine Powers& Connie Kehl-Silver
Nancy Gonzales & Karen Crippen-Silver
Carol  Cuthbertson & Jane Mayhew-Bronze

Vinny Quintalino & Jack Marinchek-Gold
Bob Jones  & Paul Bures-Silver
Pedro Arevalo &Artie Chivers-Bronze
Tom Cuthbertson &Walter Kuehn-Bronze
John Madaloni & Colin Meertens-Bronze

Mary Arpia  & Vinny Quintalino -Gold
Bob Jones  & Louann Dubendorf-Silver
Nancy Gonzales & Paul Bures- Bronze

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