Monday, October 1, 2012

Celebrating 10 Years - "Smile if you Love Pickleball Week"


2012 marks the 10TH year Pickleball has been played in Kings Point.  Many players have happily stepped onto the Kings Point Pickleball courts to learn, enjoy and practice, practice, practice our great game. Luckily there is no known cure for Pickleball addiction.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary, “SMILE IF YOU LOVE PICKLEBALL WEEK” will begin on December 10th and will include the following activities:

Monday-Donuts, pickles and smiles breakfast

Tuesday-Dinking/soft shot contests

Wednesday-Ladies’ round robin

Thursday-Men’s round robin

Friday-Pickleball trivia/rules review

Saturday-Winter in Paradise Wing Ding and Time Capsule Burial.

The time capsule burial will take place at the Pickleball courts area. Cards will be available during the week (for a small fee to cover costs) so folks may jot down a message they would like to place in the time capsule that will be opened in 10 years. A “BEST PICKLEBALL ADVICE 2012” banner that shall be placed in the capsule will be located at the courts during the week for players to sign, giving their best advice to current and future players.

Let’s all have a great time celebrating 10 years of Pickleball at Kings Point

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