Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Jacksonville Senior Games Results

The 2011 Forever Fit 50 & Beyond Senior Games took place on  Friday October 7, 2011 at the Cecil Gym and Fitness Center in Jacksonville, Fl

Congratulations to all the Medal Winners!!

2011 Senior Games
Pickleball Results

55-59 – Female
1st Place (Gold) Gwen Iyobe
2nd Place (Silver) Karen Neider Dupius

60-64 - Male
1st Place (Gold) Tim Katchen
2nd Place (Silver) Wayne Richardson
3rd Place (Bronze) Larry Myers

65-69 – Male
1st Place (Gold) Michael Piccolo
2nd Place (Silver) Bert Williams
3rd Place (Bronze) John Foard

70-74 – Male
1st Place (Gold) Tim Poplawski
2nd Place (Silver) Ed Janke
3rd Place (Bronze) Jim Abercrombie

1st Place (Gold) Gwen Iyobe
Susan Stevenson
2nd Place (Silver) Pat Sencer
Betty Sweat
1st Place (Gold) Ed Janke
Tim Poplawski
2nd Place (Silver) Tim Katchen
George Catalano
3rd Place (Bronze) John Foard
Wayne Richardson

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