Saturday, January 31, 2015

Pickleball league in full swing

Published January 28, 2015 -

SEBRING — Last Wednesday, Lake Ashton met Riverbend of Labelle at Highlands Ridge to reduce the drive time for both teams. Lake Ashton earned their second win of the season by a score of 51-16 in South Central Florida Pickleball League action.

Tanglewood played at Sun ‘n Lake on Sunday and captured 62 of a possible 67 points on the strength of four wins by each of their top three teams; (A) Wayne Buck and Mike March, (B) Mark Telfer and Grant McLaughlin and (C) Randy Crawfis and Gary Sewell.

Tanglewood’s D team forfeited their first game to Barb Taylor and Linda Kramer of Sun ‘n Lake when Dennis Rowland injured his foot. His partner, Debi Yandell, then played with sub Neil Simpson, losing both games to the Sun ‘n Lake tandem of Ross Myles and John Prentice before defeating Gene Timmerberg and Tom Kryston and followed that up with a victory over Ellen Nesbitt and Dave Linderman.

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