Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pickleball coming to Evalyn Sadler branch YMCA

mysuncoast.com, October 17, 2013
Sarasota, FL "There is a need for it. Every facility I have ever worked for has had a pickleball court; nothing down here in south Sarasota, so we wanted to be the facility to open it up to all the players," says Troy Shonk, athletics director at the Evalyn Sadler branch YMCA on Potter Park Road off Central Sarasota Parkway.

The branch is having their fall fest Friday night, and they will hold an open house to show off their new pickleball courts and have a demonstration. "It seems pretty great. We have some people coming out to help with the exhibition, players from up north Sarasota are going to come down here and check it out and help the new players get acclimated to the game," says Shonk.    

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