Thursday, August 22, 2013

Senior Games Participants - Check This Out!

Submitted by: 
Doug Hamilton
USAPA Member,  Los Gatos, CA

As a USAPA member and with the approval of Justin Maloof,
Executive Director of USAPA, my wife and I would like to
introduce ourselves and our company BLASTT, Beyond Limits
Active Senior Tours & Travel, LLC -- a tour and travel
company specializing in taking athletes to Senior Games
competitions all over the U.S.

We provide a one-stop solution including travel assistance,
airport transfers, luxury accommodations and transportation
service to and from the Senior Game events, social
hospitality and local site-seeing excursions.

Because many of the Senior Games include USAPA-sanctioned
events, we are reaching out to the Ambassadors and asking
for your help in reaching players who might be interested in
participating in 2014. This is COMPLETELY VOLUNTARY. We are
not asking that you endorse us but if you or anyone you know
is interested in learning more we can be reached via the
contact information below or through our ad on the USAPA

As an incentive we will offer a 10% discount on all tour
packages for USAPA members.

To see our 2014 schedule visit our webpage,


Doug & Marianne Hamilton, Co-pilots
Beyond Limits Active Senior Tours and Travel, LLC
1 855 252-2788 (toll free)
1 408 395-2800 (office)
1 408 205-9641 (cell)

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