Saturday, November 10, 2012

Blue Ridge Mountains Pickleball.........

Nancy Falkenstein
Ambassador; Franklin, NC

Recently we decided we needed a name for the group.

Several of our players have ventured out to area tournaments and  noticed many of the players had shirts identifying their group and location. It was fun to see the different areas represented and so we pressed on.

After receiving many really good suggestions for a name, Blue Ridge Mountains Pickleball was selected. It seemed to capture best our location as many of our players are from outside of Franklin, and we have many summer folks who live elsewhere.

Then a logo was designed and our local Gooder Grafix put it on silk screen and the result is about 1/2 of the group ordered shirts and most, more than one!    We can also get ball caps and visors with the logo without a minimum order.   The shirts were delivered to the winter group and proudly worn during our Monday play November 5th as the pictures reflect!

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