Monday, January 30, 2012

South Central Florida Pickleball League

Submitted by:
Dave Majic -
Highlands Ridge, Avon Park, Fl

Just sending along a note relating to our South Central Florida Pickelball League play. This year finds us losing one team, Rainbow RV, but adding an excellent addition in Riverbend Motorcoach Resort.

Once again, the concept is team oriented ( eight players) and based upon each opposing team facing each other team, one time. The four matches are used to set up the championship tournament brackets. The winner of the league play, is to receive a first round bye. The other four teams play off against each other in a double elimination format. Last years' champion was Solivita.

This year the league championship will be held at Solivita.

Our first action through Jan. 27th, had the following results:
Lake Ashton - 46 Highlands Ridge - 21
Tanglewood - 48 Solivita - 19
Highlands Ridge - 52 - Riverbend - 10

League Standing: Tanglewood 1 0
Lake Ashton 1 0
Highlands Ridge 1 1
Solivita 0 1
Riverbend 0 1

I'm forwarding you what (Ambassador) Larry Judd from Lake Ashton writes related to their match with Solivita. It embodies what I've wanted to create, a "team concept" in pickelball that is more than just about one or two people. You can sense his pride in Lake Ashton as it as grown from last year when they were the weakest team to being about to push Solivita to the limit.

Dear Pickleballers: 1/28/12

Today, under beautiful blue skies, with a slight breeze, mighty
Solivita came to Lake Ashton to play pickleball. Last year, Solivita,
League Champions, gave up only 2 points to the Lake Ashton 8. It was a
different story today, going down to the final 1 versus A match.
Despite incredible play Tim Noffsinger and Mike Calveard lost their
match, going to the third game, to Solivita's Sid and Don K. This
resulted in a 34 to 33 win by Solivita. The teams of Mike Calveard and
Tim Noffsinger, Marilyn Noffsinger and Mike Holden, and Bill Dentler
and Larry Judd won 3/4 of their matches, sometimes in 3 games. It was a
great day for pickleball and I want to thank all the players and their
supporters for coming out, bringing fruit and cookies and cheering us
on. The next 2 meets are away, followed by the Championship Tournament
at Solivita on 3/3/12.

Larry Judd

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