Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lee County should give pickleballers a fair break

Many of us across the Region - from North Carolina to Florida enjoy playing pickleball outside..............If you have any ideas that can help our folks in Lee County, Fl........please pass them along.

Guest Opinion
Written by: Julie Yates, January 11, 2012

Pickleball in Lee County has exceeded the capacity of the two Lee County facilities presently available. Although we very much appreciate the Estero and WaKe Hatchee gymnasiums, they are mostly filled beyond capacity whenever pickleball is made available, with at times over 80 people vying for the few courts the few hours available for pickleball. It is difficult for two parks to accommodate that amount of players, but having more courts available would certainly help alleviate this problem.

Lee County players compete
in Florida Senior Games Championships.
 In Lee County, as in tennis, we have a complete array of skill-level players ranging from beginner at 1.0 to top national players rated at 5.0. Most pickleball tournaments held in Florida as well as the Nationals in Arizona are held outdoors. However, Lee County Parks and Rec has refused to allow pickleball lines be installed on any public tennis court, saying they have no money, even after being offered $2,000 to paint a few courts. 

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