Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dog Days of Pickleball in Cherokee County!

Submitted by Ann Earley
N. GA Pickleball

Here is the North Georgia Pickleball Club playing in the Dog Days of
Summer. Temperature 98 degrees with a heat index of 105 degrees. Every
Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday there are three courts of players
battling for 2+ hours and finally dripping off the court, many jumping in
the pool before heading home for the day.

Pat Dunn, John Pyle, Bill Whatley, Steve Everett and David Barron enjoying the N. Georgia Courts.

David Barron recently moved to Cherokee County from Phoenix, Arizona and joined our group today bringing along his daughter, Jenn Barron, and introducing her to the game. 

Also on the courts today was  Jessie Romito, Sports Director for the Summit at ATPP in Marietta, GA joining us to learn more about the game. After playing one game, she understood the addiction most people have to the game! Jessie hopes to introduce PickleBall to The Summit with an upcoming lecture and demonstration by Tom Earley and a group from the North Georgia Pickleball Club.

Earlier this week David and Nancy Jordan, USAPA National Board Members,
joined us to play. Quite a week for PB in Cherokee County!

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