Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Goose Creek Pickleball Tournament

The first Pickleball Tournament held at the Goose Creek Community Center on April 28, 2016 was a huge success!  Twenty-six (26) teams, with players from all over the Charleston, SC area competed in the double elimination, random draw tournament. There were five (5) beginner teams, twelve (12) intermediate teams, and nine (9) advanced teams.

Beginner Division:

1st place: Kelly Bocock & Leticia Kenty

2nd place: Linda Crace & Jim Moseley

Intermediate Division:

1st place: Mark Cohen & Gene Borzendowski (our Recreation staff member who filled in last minute!)

2nd place: Mike Hutchinson & Charlotte Proper

Advanced Division:

1st place: Kim Fravhiger & Sam Shaw

2nd place: Paula Belfiore & Barb Doughty

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