Friday, September 4, 2015

Letter: Pickleball success in Aiken

Published September 4, 2015 -

The recently completed Third Annual Palmetto Doubles Invitational Pickleball Tournament held at the H. Odell Weeks Activity Center resulted in the largest number of participants to date and the greatest number of local athletes winning medals. Growing from the first tournament attendance of 110 players to this year’s 202 participants, the event has become a favorite among players. Of the total competing, 155 were from nine different states with the remaining 47 players coming from Aiken. Twenty-one Aiken Pickledillys medaled during the two day event – proving that their skills continue to evolve and improve. There was a crowd of spectators throughout tournament play both days.

The format of the tournament is designed to achieve the highest possible level of evenly matched competition by categorizing players into both skill levels and age levels. The result made for some very exciting, tightly contested matches.

Locals who competed and won in their age group/skill levels include gold medalists Mo Garcia, Mirabel Madera, Lisa Campbell, Sue Talada, Joyce Noland, Nick Savin, Barb Dellamora, and Warren Marinaccio; silver medalists were Jim Toler, Doug Lily, John Cox, Dick Keeler, Ron Dellamora, Keith Shaver, Warren Marinaccio, Sue Talada, Kathy Reiter, Beverly Shaver, Joyce Noland, Helen Burgess and David Snyder; bronze medalists were Alan Pakarik, David Hoel, Bill Reynolds, George Carr, Josh Booth, Pat Perry, Tony Quick, David Snyder, Diane Davies, Helen Burgess, Megan Swanstrom, Kathy Reiter, John Reiter, Maribel Madera, Freddy Dickens, Mirabel Dickhart, and Paul Leibstein. Hearty congratulations to all competitors, but especially to our local players who represented Aiken so well.

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