Thursday, June 20, 2013

Pickleball Comes to Nocatee Kids

Submitted by Bob Dean, Ambassador, Ponte Vedra, FL

Bob Dean, Ambassador for Ponte Vedra, FL, offered pickleball to the youth at the Nocatee Sports Camp on June 11. With the help of his good friends and avid pickleball players, Sally Morrill, Terry DePriest, Sally Kirkpatrick and Linda Kracker, the event turned out to be a favorite as indicated by the pictures!! Two mini courts were set up in the parking lot where 30 children took turns serving and volleying short games. Everyone enjoyed the enthusiasm of the children and quite a few are hooked on the sport! More play is scheduled for the upcoming camps on July 2 and July 23.

CLICK HERE to see more photos.

Bob Dean
Ambassador USAPA

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