Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Photos and story submitted by:
Bob Dean 
Bob Dean, Ambassador for Ponte Vedra, Fl and his wife Judy have been instrumental in bringing pickleball to their Del Webb Riverwood community.

These pictures were sent to us by Bob and Judy and are of the grand opening of their pickleball courts.

 "The  37,000 square foot Anastasia Club (fitness and amenity center) opened to the residents on Saturday along with our eight pickleball courts.

About  "20 of our 64 club members available for the photos. Everyone enjoyed the new courts. It was definitely an upgrade from playing in our parking lot."

Since the opening, our eight courts have been pretty much at full capacity every evening with more new residents coming to learn every night.
Everyone here is extremely excited about pickleball and several have already expressed interest in joining the USAPA."

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Anonymous said...

Bob Dean seems to be very knowledgeable and efficient at preparing a plan and implementing that plan to its fullest potiental.Very impressive.