Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pickleball Clinic,Play and Pot Luck!

Submitted by Ann Earley

Thanks to Carole and Bill Hess, Lake Arrowhead has been exposed to pickleball and it has taken the community by storm. The group consistently
has been meeting every Sunday night for over a year and now meets every
Sunday and Wednesday evening.

With four tennis courts, the group is marking off Pickleball lines with chalk and hopes to someday have their own designated PickleBall courts. In the meantime, they have the leadership of the Hess' and tonightTom Earley conducted a brief clinic and play before a pot luck smorgasbord. The Lake Arrowhead players are invited to join the North Georgia  Pickleball Club every Monday, Wednesday , Friday and Sunday at 9:00 am as well.

Here's is a video of Tom's Clinic..........

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