Sunday, June 19, 2011

Endurance Athletes attempt Pickleball Guiness Record

Justin Lawrence is 25 years old, a former Minor League Football Player and College Track Athlete.  He is currently an Endurance Athlete training for the half-marathon as a mascot (Guiness Record) and the Tough Mudder Championships in New Jersey.
Jeffrey Baker is 18 years old, 2nd in Junior Masters (Golf-Dunedin,Fl),
Qualifed for Pepsi-Cola Bowling Championships (Bowling-Hudson,Fl).  He has seven years of competitive baseball and recently switched to being and endurance athlete.

These two young men are also Pickleball Players who on  June 25th and 6th starting at 8 PM,  will be attempting a Guiness Record; the longest continues game of Pickleball (min. 24 hours).   They are still in need of  5-8 more qualified/independent individuals to serve as witnesses for the event and tell us the schedule for shifts is pretty open.  They have been approved to use notaries or experts in the field of pickleball or other racquet sports, including professional players, judges, referees or ambasadors.

If there are any USAPA Ambassadors in the area - they would love to have your help!

The record attempt will take place in the  New Port Richey Recreation and Aquatic Center, where pickleball is open to the public. 

Jeff sent us the following additional information:

Any help or advertisment would be appreciated! You can use my name or Jeff's as well. We have to follow all USAPA Rules, and proper equipment. Although it doesn't matter who wins, we will keep playing continuous games by proper rules, for 24 hours. We will do our best to keep score, and record of every game, as long as we have enough volunteers. :)

Any help would be awesome and I truly appreciate the support. I play for fun, and were gonna go over rules before, but it definitely would be cool to have some there making sure or reminding us of all proper rules so guiness honors it.

Were basically just two endurance athletes trying to promote pickleball at our facility, and do something fun and different.

Justin Lawrence,

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