Friday, December 19, 2014

The Pickleball Effect

Posted December 18, 2014 -

I have to say, when I first heard there was a sport with the name Pickleball, I scoffed and did not give it another thought. I mean, come on, I consider myself a serious athlete, and the name alone oozed a comic, non-serious flavor that I initially turned my nose up to. A few months passed, and I kept on hearing mention of this game, a game named after the inventors dog, Pickles. I decided to peek my head into an area gymnasium and get a closer look. What I found was a group of people, ALL Ages, ALL skill levels, having a BLAST!! There were matches going on where the competition was top notch, as well as matches going on where the players were “newbies”, just learning how to play. The mix of all these types of players was AMAZING and from that moment on I have been ADDICTED!!

I now play EVERY chance I get, teach the game to anyone willing or wanting to pick up a paddle, sharing the game with EVERYONE I Can!! That is the reason for this blog!! I want to put into words and pictures everything that makes Pickleball so addictive, to show everyone the reasons behind this International Phenomenon!! I plan to travel to the ends of the state and beyond, introducing the people and players that are so colorful in personality and full of life, energy and enthusiasm!! My desire is that everyone experiences “The Pickleball Effect”!!

Four Warriors Going To Battle during the Pickleball Marathon at the YWCA in Winston Salem, NC!!

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