Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Cornelius Parks Summer Pickleball Youth Camp 2015

Submitted by Robert Nibarger, District Ambassador, Piedmont District - North Carolina

Planned growth is the theme for Cornelius North Carolina Pickleball as the local parks department is planning for Youth Summer Pickleball Camps beginning next year. Pickleball is alive and well in the Charlotte NC area. However, there are several gaps. These gaps include limited gym space for indoor play, limited evening hour availability, lack of youth programs and not offering pickleball to all age groups. At least one of these gaps, no youth programs, will be addressed this next summer. Note: Earlier in the year the local pickleball club (Bailey’s Glen) challenged a group of students at Hugh High School. While the club won the first event, the students pledge to get revenge on the courts. The summer youth camp details are not available at this time but a meeting has been requested between the Parks Department and local pickleball enthusiasts representing the USAPA.

For more information, contact ncpickleball@aol.com  

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