Friday, October 24, 2014

Kings Point Pickleball Brings Home Senior Games Medals

Submitted by Louann Dubendorf, Kings Point, FL

Through the tough Pickleball competition, 95% humidity of Friday, downpours of Saturday and below 60 temps of Sunday, Kings Point’s Pickleball players took to the courts to again bring back pride and medals to their community. Every year Kings Point’s dedicated players pull out all the stops to practice each morning to prepare for tournament season. Hillsborough county Senior Games are the first games of the tournament season and Kings Point’s Pickleball players always put forward their best efforts to represent Kings Point in their home town.

This year Kings Point Pickleball tournament results included medals earned in all of the age groups that Kings Point’s players represented.

GOLD-Jane and Lynda

GOLD-John and Sam 

SILVER-Kelly and Louann

SILVER-Jack and Vinnie 

SILVER- Lewis and Jane 

BRONZE-Nadine and Connie 

BRONZE-Greg and Kelly 

BRONZE-Artie and Lynda 

BRONZE- Walter and Diane 

BRONZE-Irv and Nadine

Congratulations Kings Point’s Pickleball players!

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