Monday, January 6, 2014

Space Coast Pickleball New

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Scott Nelson, Ambassador, Florida Space Coast

Dear Pickleballer - Happy New Year
As anticipated we are already seeing an increase in pickleball activity across the county, we are in prime pickleball season. For that reason I constantly am looking to add new venues so that it is convenient to play with out too much wait time.

Pickleball Venue # 10
I would like to welcome our 10th Pickleball venue in Brevard.
Grant Street Community Center. Located at 2547 Grant St. Melbourne, FL  32901.
The Center will be offering open play pickleball starting on January 14th.
The days and times are:  Wednesdays and Fridays 12-2pm starting January 14th.
There is one court available but availability for more.
Cost is $1 per day or annual membership of $18.00.  Also if you are a member of the Eugallie Gym it will be honored at the Grant Street facility with no additional fees.
There will be a free beginner pickleball clinic offered at this facility on Sunday, January 12th from 1-2pm.

The Pickleball Guru Teaching at the Space Coast
Prem Carnot is full-time Pickleball Pro/Coach who specializes in helping racket-sport players master the finer points of pickleball will here at the end of January.
Prem is a full time pickleball teaching Professional, he travels the country teaching pickleball & playing tournaments. His web site is Prem teaches clinics all over the country and get extremely positive feedback. His approach is very hands-on (lots of drills, minimal lecture) and emphasizes “what works best for you” approach, rather than a one-size-fits-all set of techniques.
He has extended the opportunity to share his expertise with the Space Coast pickleball players during his stay here.

Pickleball Tips of the Month
TIP #1
Talk with your partner and make agreements about shots before the game starts. Agreements can include such things as yielding to the partner with a forehand shot when either partner can return a hit. Another agreement may be that one of the partners (the stronger lob re-turner) takes all lob shots and switches to the opposite court are made when necessary. During the game, talk to each other to avoid having both players go for the same shot. 

TIP #2
Pickleball is a sport that is best played by happy people. Yes, intensity is good, but if you are feeling bad about your partner’s play or even about your own mistakes, you are bound to keep making errors. Take time to loosen up and try to be positive, it will only make you a better player.

Pickleball League
I am happy to announce that we will be starting the Space Coasts first Pickleball league this next month. The League will be at Satellite Beach David R. Schechter Community Center and will start February 5th.
The league will run 12 weeks (every Wednesday at 7pm ) and there will be two levels of play (+3.0 &+4.0).
There will be a nominal league fee.
Look for more information coming later this month.

Happy Hitting……


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