Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Murder Mystery Game About Pickleball

Submitted by Mitchell Ball, Ambassador, South Florida

Mitchell Ball loves and plays pickleball; Barbara Fox loves and writes mysteries so they combined their interests to create the first and only interactive Murder Mystery Game about Pickleball:  Pickleball Is Murder.  Barbara, a Pickleball and USAPA member, learned about Pickleball a year ago from Mitchell and developed the Pickleball mystery for the first annual holiday Pickleball party.        Mitchell is the South Florida Ambassador of the United States Pickleball Association.  He has set up Pickleball locations throughout Broward county, organized the only Pickleball club in South Florida (over 120 members) and plays and teaches an average of fifteen to twenty hours per week.  Barbara Fox is the producer/director of Mystery On The Menu, an interactive theater company; she has been writing and producing murder mysteries since 1986.  

Pickleball Is Murder is an interactive murder mystery game for eight players.  Each player becomes a character as they share information, examine clues, question each other and try to solve the crime. The victim is a Pickleball champion and the suspects include a jealous fiance, an ambitious coach, an angry sponsor, a second place winner and others.  Barbara developed the story and clues and Mitchell supplied the technical information (rules, regulations) about the game.  Pickleball is Murder is available on line at www.pickleballpromotions.com

For more information contact Mitchell ball at 786 440.6274.

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