Tuesday, June 5, 2012

An invitation to Ogden Pioneer Days Pickleball Roundup

Hello from Ogdon, Utah, nestled at the foot of the majestic Wasatch Mountains.

In July, the Ogden Pickleball Club is hosting it's first major tournament.  More than a tournament, it is a Vacation Package.  July has warm, pleasant days 90 degrees, nights 50-60 degrees. low humidity with only 5% chance of rain.  We are just inutes away from beautiful mountain lakes and rivers.  There are lovely hiking trails, including an easy trek to a beautiful waterfall.

From one ambassador to another, I would appreciate it if you would forward this information to your players.

This is a great opportunity for everyone to play... from 2.0 to 5.0.
You need not have a partner in order to play. Just sign up and we'll see that you get a partner. Come and have fun with us July 19-21.

Please visit our website at ogdenpickleball.org.
Go to July 19-21, 2012 Ogden Pioneer Days Pickleball Roundup.   Click On and review attached flyer to see what we are offering.

 • 2012 Pioneer Day Event Information
 Please register online at pickleballtournaments.com as we are no longer doing paper registrations. You can even sign the waiver online so you don't have to print it out. Just mail in your check and you're all set. We're so looking forward to having you folks here at our beautiful mountains playing in the Pioneer Day Tournament.

You can also purchase extra concert and rodeo tickets. Rodeo $12, Concert $10 for spouse or guests if they are not playing. Send email to gepetto44@gmail.com to arrange.

 • Our Motel sponsor with special room rates is, Best Western High Country Inn 1335 W. 12th Street Ogden, Utah 84404.   • For Motel Registration call 1 800 594 8979.   Ask For Special Room Rate for Ogden Pickleball Tournament, $73 plus tax.  Located next  to Jeremiahs, one of the best Home Cooking restaurants in Ogden.

Please call or email if you have any further questions. Judi Morris, Vice President, 801.825.1172, jude.1013@yahoo.com

Entry deadline - June 30th.

Here's hoping to see you in July... John Gullo, USAPA Ambassador gepetto44@gmail.com

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