Monday, January 9, 2017

Pickleball: The Fun, The Fanfare, The Exercise

Published January 9, 2017 -

There’s an addictive quality to the newest paddle sport called pickleball.
It’s easy to see why.
The game is played outside (or indoors) the players are congenial folks who are older in years, and you get to exercise at a pace that makes tennis look like a speeding bullet train.
Not that pickleball is a slow pokers game – quite to the contrary – it can have velocity and ferocity. But not the type you see at the US Open. The pickleball way is tamer and more lighthearted.
You don’t see fierceness or yelling on the courts (like in some tennis games). Instead you see players enjoying the challenge of running around a smaller playing field that allows them to spring into action even with a meniscus tear.

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