Monday, July 27, 2015

Zero, Zero, Start: Pick up a paddle and play pickleball

Published July 27, 2015 -

One cannot start the game of pickleball without saying zero, zero, start, and if you’re around Jim Ludwig, you better utter those words with the accent of a born Bostonian, just like him.

Pickleball For All was organized and founded by Executive Director Ludwig, 61, with the goal of bringing the sport to Collier County schools.

The necessary funds were unavailable to schools wanting to purchase equipment for students to use and participate in the booming sport.

“As a nonprofit in Collier County we aim to equip all schools with the equipment and facilities/courts to play this sport,” Ludwig said in an email.

Ludwig wants this sport to last, and he feels it is necessary to make it relevant to the youth of today.

“Pickleball is something that brings them together as a team, gets them playing with each other, interacting with one another, encouraging each other, giving each other supportive comments and laughing when everybody makes the same mistake,” said Paige Mitschele, 47, Leadership Gifts Officer of PFA.

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