Friday, December 13, 2013

Fun Pickleball at Valencia Isles, Boynton Beach, Florida

Submitted by Josh Kalin, Ambassador, Delray Beach, FL
Article written by Fred Markowitz, Valencia Isles Pickleball Club

Linda Zweigman
If you want to feel younger, full of life, mentally alert, healthy, and invigorated come join the Valencia Isles Pickleball Club; the fastest growing club in Valencia Isles. We now have roughly 50 active involved members and we are growing steadily. Nearly 100 people have shown an interest in our club’s activities. The Valencia Isles Pickleball Club offers its members a comprehensive Pickleball program of demos, clinics, tournaments, social events, instruction and video presentations.

We are currently playing on one court which is made up of an interlocking tile system that snaps securely into place piece-by-piece. We are in the process of having two additional courts built at Valencia Isles. These asphalt courts will be dedicated and coated with a plexipave paint. We are all eagerly looking forward to the completion of this project.

Jerry Goldberg & Bernie Eggener
At our last Club meeting we added four trustees to our Board since we are growing at such a rapid rate: These new Board members are an asset to our Club, and I am certain they will do everything possible to make our Club one of the best in Valencia Isles.

We recently had our seventh successful Pickleball clinic for beginners and intermediates. We will be holding a clinic for visiting youngsters in the middle of December.

As one becomes more adept at playing Pickleball, one might consider upgrading one’s racket from wood to composite, aluminum, or graphite. We have a full line of demo rackets in our equipment department.

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