Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pickleball Introduced in the Ukraine....

Pictures and story by: 
Howard and Carolyn Alred
Ambassadors, Valdosta, GA

How exciting for Ambassadors Howard and Carolyn Alred to introduce pickleball for the very first time in the Ukraine!  During the first week of June, this new sport was introduced during a Bible Camp sponsored by members of the Church of Christ. 

Since the late 1990's this Bible Camp has been held at school #10 in Dzerzhinsk Ukraine.  approximately 125 students, community residents and interpreters from area colleges participated in the workshops.  The Ukraine's dominating sport is soccer, so we were very apprehensive as to how the game of pickleball would be received.    We were thrilled with how enthusiastically they embraced learning the new skills and rules of the game.   They were so excited about getting to play the game taat we had to open the gym in the evening.  At the completion of the camp the pickleball equipment was donated to the school, so that the students could continue to play the game next school year.

The following is a note written to us by one of the interpreters that was assigned to assist us with our classes.

"When I took this racquet in my hand, I understood that this game was for me.  The rules are simple and is one of the most intersting games I have ever played.  Thank you that you brought this new game into our country and thank you that we were the first who played the game here. "

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