Sunday, September 18, 2011

Kissimmee/St. Cloud Senior Games

The Kissimmee-St. Cloud Games have not been played in the last couple of years, but it was obvious from the excellent turnout that the pickleball players were very glad to have them back on the schedule.

The pickleball event was held on Monday and Tuesday, September 12th and 13th on the beautiful courts of Solivita in Poinciana, FL.  
Compliments to Tournament Directors Mike Holtzclaw and Tom Leva for a very well organized and well run event and to the Solivita Smashers who manned the food tables and score sheets and made everyone feel so welcome.  Players arrived surrounding counties, and far away states, including;  Kissimmee, Sebring, Ocala, Lakeland, Summerfield, Davenport, Hernando, The Villages, Sun City, Leesburg, Ocoee, Ft. Myers, Lecanto and Wimauma Florida.  Out of state players arrived from Morgan City and Rayne, LA and Darien, IL. 

Some of the the very best players competed in the two day event which included a single elimination age bracket competition for Mens' and Ladies' singles and doubles on Monday and mixed doubles on Tuesday.

Players ranged in age from 50 to 93 and pictured below is 93 year old Gold Medal  Singles Winner  Don Bellinger and (80-84) Gold Medal Winner, Tom Hylas, both of Kissimmee. 
Other Gold Medal Winners included:
Men's Singles
50-54 - John Rupert - Summerfield
55-59 - Jim Cetlinski - Summerfield
60-64 - Steve Kennie - Summerfield
65-69 - Alan Kaplon - Kissimmee
70-74 - Ed Janko - Leesburg
75-79 - Russ Pulman - Leesburg

Ladies Singles
50-54 - Jan Konn- Darien, IL
55-59 - Diane Bock - The Villages
60-64 - Cathy Miller - Kissimmee

Mens' Doubles
50-54 - John Rupert /Steve Kennie - Summerfield
55-59 - Frank Cherille/Tom Nonnemacher - The Villages
60-64 - Marcus Bock/Paul Kelly - The Villages
65-69 - Mark Telfer/Jim Maynard - Sebring
70-74 - Russ Pulman/Charles Yohan - Leesburg/Ocoee
75-79 - Carl Clous/Tom Hylas - Kissimmee

Ladies Doubles
50-54 - Denise Boutin/Susan Gapan - The Villages
55-59 - Sheryl Greiner/Brenda Littlefield - The Villages
60-64 - Margie Diaz/Cathy Miller - Kissimmee
65-69 - Linda Kramer/Diane Reynolds - Sebring
70-74 - Gloria Soltes/Gail Brown - Sebring

Mixed Doubles
50-4 -Don Chaulk/Susan Gapen - The Villages
55-59 - Marcus Bock/Diane Bock - The Villages
60-64 - Bill Freeman/Deb Harrison - The Villages
65-69 - Mark Telfer/Diane Reynolds - Sebring
70-74 - Jim Maynard/Gail Brown - Sebring

A listing of all winners will be posted in the USAPA RESULTS section
Click Here for photo gallery of the games.

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