Pickleball was created in 1965 in Bainbridge Island, Washington, as a game the whole family could play together.  It has become popular among adults as a fun game for players of all skill levels.

The USA Pickleball Association (USAPA) was organized in the 1980's to promote the growth and development of Pickleball, on both a national and international level.  Now, the USAPA has grown into the largest organized governing body for the sport of pickleball.  There are now over 2,000 places to play listed on the USAPA website.  There are now hundreds of thousands of players worldwide.  In 2013, Pickleball was added as a sport to the National Senior Games and it is one of the most popular sports in the World Senior Games held in October of each year in St. George, Utah.

Without the efforts of the USAPA, it's unlikely the sport of Pickleball would have grown to the level it is today.  USAPA members are passionate about Pickleball and critical to the strong growth and success of the sport.  And by joining the USAPA, you not only gain a “voice” within the pickleball community, you also help to strengthen that community and to elevate the sport to even newer and higher levels.

What does USAPA membership get you?  There are multiple levels at which you can become a USAPA member. But for as little as $25 you will receive all of the following membership benefits:
  • USAPA T-Shirt (New Members & Multi-Year Renewals)
  • Official Membership Card
  • Secondary Medical Insurance in Sanctioned Events
  • ‘Partner Search’ on USAPA Website
  • Membership ‘Look-Up’ on USAPA Website
  • Points for USAPA Sanctioned Tournaments
  • Discount on USAPA Net System
  • Access to USAPA ‘Member Only’ Store
  • USAPA Monthly Newsletter
  • Official IFP Rulebook (Multi-Year Renewals)
  • Access to Member Rewards Discount Network
  • USAPA Window Decal
In addition, your membership supports USAPA initiatives such as:
  • Maintaining rules and equipment standards
  • Introductory and developmental programs for all ages
  • Provide competitive play through USAPA sanctioned events and tournaments
Support and help grow this amazing sport!  Become a member today!

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